How You Can Help
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Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas WYD Project

Four ways in which you can help us:

1. Through Prayer
2. By forwarding this site onto others, so as to increase the awareness of what we are trying to accomplish.
3. By e-mailing us and letting us know what you think of our project.
4. By Donating to our cause: Many of the communities who are planning on attending have little or no financial resources. In particular, one community of a thousand people  has 35 candidates. That is at least 35 x $685 = $23,975. In addition, some of our isolated communities must fly to where they will meet the buses. For some regions this cost may be as large as $600 return.
- Also with a donation of over $50 you will receive a tax deductable receipt along with small token of our appreciation from our Diocese. A CD of Cree, Dene and English Hymns sung by youth from different communities in our diocese.
Please make a cheques or Money Orders payable to:
World Youth Day Project
c/o Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas
Box 270, The Manitoba
R9A 1K4


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